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Volunteer at Seeds

Our diverse volunteers help keep the plates moving at Seeds. The more hands involved, the more people can come to our table.
[pie_chart separator=”no” percent=”40″ percentage_color=”#000000″ active_color=”#000000″ noactive_color=”#ffffff” title=”VOLUNTEER MEALS” title_color=”#000000″ text=”In 2015, 40% of the meals we served were exchanged for service by our volunteers.” line_width=”12″]
[pie_chart separator=”no” percent=”80″ percentage_color=”#000000″ active_color=”#000000″ noactive_color=”#ffffff” title=”LOCALLY SOURCED FOOD” title_color=”#000000″ text=”We work with local vendors, producers, farmers and urban homesteaders so that we can serve fresh, healthy food.” line_width=”12″]
[pie_chart separator=”no” percent=”92″ percentage_color=”#000000″ active_color=”#000000″ noactive_color=”#ffffff” title=”CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” title_color=”#000000″ text=”Read our reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon and Facebook!” line_width=”12″]
[pie_chart separator=”no” percent=”100″ percentage_color=”#000000″ active_color=”#000000″ noactive_color=”#ffffff” title=”HEALTHY MEALS” title_color=”#000000″ text=”We give everyone access to fresh, healthy, delicious meals.” line_width=”12″]
[counter type=”zero” box=”no” position=”center” separator=”no” digit=”2000″ font_size=”56″ font_color=”#ffffff”]
[counter type=”zero” box=”no” position=”center” separator=”no” digit=”30000″ font_size=”56″ font_color=”#ffffff”]

spent confronting hunger.

[counter type=”zero” box=”no” position=”center” separator=”no” digit=”60000″ font_size=”56″ font_color=”#ffffff”]

Fresh food, a fresh environment, and a fresh approach to ending hunger.

All that is missing is YOU!

We encourage volunteers to sign up in advance to work. Most of our shifts are 3 hours shifts over the lunch hour. We are open 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. If you can’t sign up in advance, stop by during business hours to see if we need volunteers.

Volunteers should be 16 years of age to work in the kitchen without a guardian, but we can also arrange volunteer work for families. We encourage our volunteers to sign up on-line. You can see what openings we have and schedule yourself for what works best for you.

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you can see more information at the Volunteer Information Center.

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[service_table title=”Ways To Volunteer” title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon=”” icon_size=”fa-lg”]

  • Greet customers
  • Food preparation
  • Serve food
  • Clean tables
  • Wash and dry dishes
  • Pick up trash around building
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Wash windows
  • Mop floors
  • Wrap silverware
  • Maintenance


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