Did you know, that in the past two years, Seeds Community Café’s Sustainable Catering Program has served almost 7,000 guests? We also have close to 3,000 volunteer hours that have supported this program—and it continues to grow!

The Sustainable Catering program is just one of the ways we get the word out about our mission. We believe that food has the power to change lives, and our catering program does just that as we work with volunteers in addiction recovery—training them in the catering business and helping them to find living wage jobs.

As our Sustainable Catering program grows, we find ourselves in need of a catering van that we can rely on so that we can make deliveries safely and on time. More caterings mean more lives affected as we continue to serve great food and impact food insecurity.

You can help us further our mission by donating what you can to help us purchase this van. Together, we can empower people to own their lives again through the power of food!

Check out the Generosity.com page and help support the cause!