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Lyn Harwell

A childhood spent on a farm in northeast Ohio shaped Lyn Harwell’s views on community and how neighbors can help and support one another through Lyn Harwellsharing food and resources. “A seemingly forgotten way of living in America,” says Harwell. Thirty-plus years spent as a chef in world-class restaurants taught Harwell the importance of creating beautiful food for people to enjoy and gather together to share. In recent years, he spent time helping others open community kitchens and supporting local sustainability. This led him to found Seeds Community Café in September 2013. Seeds is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that is based on a “pay it forward” model wherein patrons can partake of healthy, nutritious, locally-sourced and creatively crafted meals, regardless of their ability to pay. “I am a huge supporter of Community Cafes, Kitchens and local gardens as a Social Enterprise and way of life,” he says. “I believe this concept of sharing local great food around a community table can change the world we live in by impacting food insecurity and building community in our own neighborhoods! It also enhances our local economies.”