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Jennifer Bostick

B7D51486-18FC-4873-903A-6808BDDA9F8DA great believer in living a purpose-filled life, Jennifer Bostick spent 20 years traveling around the world in the military, both in active duty and as a spouse. Upon closing that chapter, she settled in Colorado Springs. With an impending empty nest, Jennifer decided to pursue a career that indulged both her love of learning and love of cooking. “I grew up with family meals around the table and raised my family the same way,” she says. “That’s one of the reasons I love to cook, because it brings people together.” While pursuing her Culinary degree, Jennifer read about a community café that was to open soon and thought it would be a great volunteer opportunity. She was drawn to the Seeds Community Café concept and mission, where not only her culinary skills would be put to use, but also the logistical and organizational skills learned in the military.

Jennifer served as Seeds’ Chef for two years before changing leadership roles and moving into the Executive Director’s seat, helping to steer the nonprofit during a potential growth phase. “To me, it’s about going where you are needed most and supporting what you believe in.” When she is not devoting her time and attention to the nonprofit, Jennifer likes to travel, volunteer, read, go on WWOOF (WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms) assignments, and spend time with her grandchildren.