Everyday Home Inspections In Charlotte

The Importance Of An Everyday Home Inspection

The most common misconception when it comes to an everyday home inspection Charlotte NC of your house is that it is only done when something major happens. In other words, a home inspection is only done once and then you move into your new home. While it is true that home inspections are necessary before a homeowner commits to purchasing a house, it is also true that an annual inspection, or even a changeover inspection can be beneficial. And although you may be tempted to skip having your house inspected entirely, experts say this should not be the case.

First, you will always want to check on the roof. Whether you have damage or not will depend upon whether you have shingles or not. If you do, the home inspector should go over the repairs with a trowel in order to determine the extent of the damage. He or she will likely also bring in a power washer or pressure washer for the attic and the walls. A thorough inspection is always the first step towards making sure your home is secure. The home inspector will identify any weak spots in the structure, including weak ceiling boards, missing shingles and other weak spots.

Your home inspector should also go through the plumbing, heating system and electrical system. While these areas may seem relatively minor, they can lead to major issues down the road. For instance, if your plumbing system contains leaks, the water could seep into the basement, causing a possible structural issue. If your home inspector finds faulty wiring, appliances can go wrong, and electrical problems may prevent you from using the home’s features and facilities appropriately, such as turning off the air conditioning before you leave the house during the summer and ensuring you turn off the heater before sleeping at night.

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